Hardware Support
Mywebcalls supports the SIP protocol, so most SIP devices will work with Mywebcalls.

We no longer support H323 devices.
The settings for most SIP devices will include these 3 common fields:

Username - this will be your Mywebcalls username.
Password - enter your Mywebcalls password
SIP proxy - enter enter sip.mywebcalls.com (you MUST use the domain name, NOT IP address)

Save your settings and in many cases, your device will now be connected to us (note: your DNS settings must be valid to find our SIP proxy)

You can see example settings for many commonly used devices (such as Cisco ATA, Sipura, Grandstream etc) here. If you require help with configuration of any devices not shown and the above settings do not work, please contact us.

Q.    I get a fast busy tone on every number I call. Why?
A.    As with any other international call, you need to dial 00 (or 011 in some countries) before international numbers. For example, to call a         number in London, UK, you would dial 00442072346710

Q.    How do I call another Mywebcalls user?
A.    Simply dial 699, then their Mywebcalls ID. For example if their user ID is 123456, you would dial 699123456. Calls to other Mywebcalls         users are free!

Q.    How can I find out my balance if using an IP phone
A.    Dialing *88 plays an IVR which announces your current balance.

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